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To be a company that achieves winning international markets through the production of high quality of our products through the Export of Vegetables and Fruits Guatemala reaching standards of customer acceptance of high

demand around the world at all times and at all times and be a leader in the Production and Export of Vegetables and Fruits Guatemala toward the consumer market.


Being a company with social responsibility and introduce technology to maximize production and export rules for highly skilled to compete with countries producing and exporting through the large transnational quality through both Vegetable and Fruit Packing and process which meet the standards of quality and global market demand and create a commercial link between the small and medium producers in the world and benefit thousands of Guatemalans to continually create jobs for that:

Working under production and quality standards under regulations MAGA Ministry of Agriculture and comprehensive program of agricultural and environmental protection PIPAA and the standard of good agricultural practices GAP as good manufacturing practice GMP working with the

Chinese pea Committee, Committee of Vegetable, Fruit Committee belonging to Guatemala Exporters Guild AGEXPORT and agriculture departments of the United States USDA and the Department of Food and Drug Administration FDA of the United States of America.

Giving to the opening of Exports to markets in greater demand in international markets Exporting the best of our earth blessed by God.

Company prospers and declaring ourselves as a leader in the Production and Export of Vegetables and Fruits Guatemalan to the world.